About The Company

Hashem Electric Co. Ltd. (HEC) was founded by the late M. A. Hashem in the year 1940 with the aim to provide cost effective products and services with engineering, technology and management needs. Since its inception, HEC has become a premier engineering company of Bangladesh as providers of appropriate solutions for Power Quality Management and Conservation. HEC emblems are the initials of our late founder, and have been developed in honor of his dedication and contribution towards efficient and cost saving energy management and conversion.

Today, HEC is a well-established and reputable organization that provides Appropriate Solution for Energy Management and Conservation. Professionally managed, HEC is a progressive and motivated company. The company imbibed their attitude of "success through total customer satisfaction" and "all-round excellence in every sphere". Backed by these factors, HEC began transforming opportunities into profitable ventures.

Our strategic thrust focuses on all possible alliances with international engineering and project management companies offering turnkey projects in Energy & Power, and Industrial sectors to customers in Bangladesh.

Technological knowhow and technical expertise have always been emphasized by HEC. The learning acquired over sixty years have been harnessed to offer superior quality products at competitive prices.

Our Mission

To Establish Ourselves as a World Class Quality Driven Manufacturer of All Kinds of Electrical Systems and Create and Nurture an Impressive Legacy of Dedicated Professionals, Business Associates and Suppliers Who Recognize Our High Ethical Standards.

Our Resources

HEC offers a competent staff of engineers, technicians and installers, supported by a management team, that bring years of experience within the Power System. Throughout our years in business, we have enjoyed a sound financial status. We have the latest and most sophisticated software for system design and sizing, enhanced by personnel with the training & experience to get the economical and optimum result